Planning Ahead

Every person who plans ahead has a specific reason why. Most people want to protect their children from having to make difficult decisions on their own. Some want to make their wishes known by writing down specific instructions and requests. Others simply want to help their loved ones save money with a written plan.

The process for planning ahead is easy. First, consult with your spouse or next of kin and let them know that you intend to plan ahead. This will ensure that your plans are located at the time of death.

Second, call the funeral home of your choice to set up a prearrangement appointment. Our prearrangement services are provided at no cost to families and prepayment is completely optional.

Third, meet with a funeral planning specialist to ask any questions you have and put your wishes in writing. We recommend that you place a copy of your prearrangements on file at the funeral home and that you give another copy to your next of kin.

Lastly, decide if prepayment is right for you. Prepayment offers flexibility with payment plans (an option that is not available for immediate need). There are several prepayment options available, such as Life Insurance, Annuities, Trust Accounts and inflation proof.

We have provided A Guide to Funeral Planning to help with the process. Please put it in a safe place or leave it in the care of a loved one.

Medicaid Planning

If you are attempting to qualify for government assistance with health care services through Medicaid, a prepaid funeral and burial plan can be used as an exempt asset for spend down purposes. Speak to your prearrangement specialist about how to properly structure your prepaid funeral and burial plan as a Medicaid-exempt asset.